Solas CPC moves to new Dundee offices

A leading Christian think tank recently moved into new premises on the western edge of Dundee.

SOLASSome Solas Centre for Public Christianity staff had previously been based at St Peter’s Free Church, but they have relocated into Dundee Technology Park.

The building was formerly an Aviva/Norwich Union call centre and has now been let to a number of charities.

Solas’ new neighbours include Dundee Heritage Trust, Positive Steps, St Andrews First Aid Training, Mission International and Recycle Scotland.

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‘Evangelical churches join indy debate’ – The Herald

THE independence debate is heading for the pews with the UK’s largest evangelical Christian organisation launching a series of hustings in churches across Scotland.

evangelical allianceThe Evangelical Alliance says the independence debate is too narrowly focused on “bland economic debate” over matters such as EU membership, the pound and pensions.

The organisation represents 200,000 Christians in Scotland. Members come from churches including the Baptists and the Salvation Army.

It will publish a manifesto this week arguing there should be more focus on aspirations for Scotland’s future. Its recommendations include a “ruthless commitment to eradicating poverty in all its forms” and restoring dignity to those reliant on the welfare state.

Hustings in seven cities in June will bring together politicians and the public to debate the issues.

Fred Drummond, director of Evangelical Alliance Scotland, said it it vital to discuss “what kind of future we want for our children and grandchildren”.

He added: “The economic issues are important but they are not the whole story; there are many other important matters, such as poverty, on which people are hurting which need to be addressed.

“It cannot be right that the poorest 20% of the population contribute a larger percentage of their wealth in tax than those in the top 20%. It cannot be right that those in work find themselves having to rely on state handouts and food banks.”

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‘Church of Scotland urges young people to consider becoming ministers’ – STV

my_other_shirt_has_a_clerical_collar_t_shirt-r20f59066a0cf46f8adb76b29792d66bc_va6lr_512Church leaders have urged young people to consider becoming ministers in the Church of Scotland’s first social media Easter recruitment drive.

According to the Rt Rev Lorna Hood, more young people should “answer the call to ministry”, as she did when she was ordained at the age of 24.

Rev Hood is the first moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland to issue an Easter message on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Commenting in the three-minute video, she talks of her own experience as a trainee minister in Canada where she was a pastor and preacher.

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‘One-in-four children think golden goose lays Easter eggs’ – The Telegraph

More than a quarter of children think the golden goose is part of the Easter story while a third do not know what Good Friday signifies, a new poll has found.

The survey, commissioned by the Bible Society, found that 28 per cent of children think the hare and tortoise fable may also feature in the Easter story.

The statistics on children’s declining religious knowledge were revealed as the Bible Society called on parents to help halt Britain’s declining Bible literacy.

The organisation is launching a free app to help parents share a Bible story with their children at bedtime to make such stories more relevant and entertaining for modern children.

Research conducted by YouGov for the Bible Society revealed that children are bewildered by the Easter story confusing it with other parts of the Bible, Aesop’s fables and even fairy tales.

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